Asset Management

With a dedicated team of experienced and professional staffs, we continually strive to provide comprehensive solutions aimed at protecting and enhancing property value, reducing costs, and helping clients achieve a peace of mind.

During the management, we have selected experiences and applied international standards to establish a modern management procedure, which was customized with client’s requirements and Vietnamese environment.

Along with that procedure, we also focuses on the training and re-training of personnel working in the building. Thus, our services are ensured that the highest standards are maintained at all times.

Our asset management approach integrates traditional property management services (housekeeping, security, guest services, landscaping, repairs, maintenance and more) with extensive marketing and reporting functions. We also embrace our role as the outward-facing representative of your project to the public and the government.

To meet your needs, we are prepared to provide a full complement of management, leasing and development services to immediately address your concerns and capitalize on your opportunities.

Our approach is to work together to fully understand your goals and objectives. From this start, we can create a realistic, but comprehensive strategy in accordance with your expectations and the market realities. Before we complete a plan for your approval, we perform multiple up-front analyses and financial models to ensure the viability of our plan and the success of our partnership.